Soft Furnishings at Eco Friendly Holiday Homes

April 2012

We completed an exciting project with interior designers Cathryn Bishop and Jill Stein in Cornwall: Trevone Farm Cottages, a collection of four luxury eco-friendly detached holiday homes. Our brief was a combination of completing window treatments and soft-furnishings for a Master Bedroom (which posed a particularly tricky problem), lounges, dining areas and four glass-walled conservatories.

We designed and created eyelet curtains for the lounge and dining areas, which were hung from the oak and metal poles that we supplied and installed. The fabric was sourced from Sekers Fabrics, one of the UK’s leading fabric suppliers – each curtain was also provided with a soft drape blackout lining to help with insulation all year round.

In the conservatories, the client’s budget wouldn’t stretch to traditional pleated conservatory blinds, so we sourced made-to-measure Venetian blinds that were more cost-effective. They offer great flexibility for controlling light and privacy and are finished in a rich terracotta which reflects a lovely warm glow (which will be especially effective in the winter!). The doors were fixed with Intu blinds that fit into the recess beads of the doors’ double glazed units. For the Intu blinds in high positions, the slats are operated by a special wand which we colour coded to match the deep terracotta of the blinds.

Finally we supplied cushions for every long timber bench seats used at the dining tables. They needed to have some form of fixing (to stop them from sliding off the bench) so we designed them with a wrap-around so that when the cushions were removed, no visible signs on the bench seat would indicate it had ever been there!